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The Phila Korea 2014 World Stamp Exhibition

In 2014 there were two FIP Exhibitions, the Phila Korea 2014 World Stamp Exhibition, August 7-12, 2014, under the Patronage of FIP and the Malaysia 2014 World Youth Stamp Exhibition, December 1-6, 2014, under the Auspices of FIP.

In the Phila Korea 2014, the following GPC members had participated in displaying their valuable philatelic materials :

Tay Peng Hian Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia) – A Large Multiple Usage of the First Issues, 1864 (block of 15)
Tan Ah Ee Straits Settlements Classic – Block of 32, unused of the 1 ½ cents of the 1867 Issue
Daniel Teo Korea: Internal Cover with Complete Second Issue
Surajit Gongvatana Siam: the First Issue
Pichai Buranasombati Great Britain: Bishop mark 1661-1799
Charnchai Karnasuta British Consulate Post Office in Siam
Prakob Chirakiti Siam: The Palace Locals
Michael Ho China: The Small Dragon and Its Surcharges
Everaldo Santos RMSPC – Venezuela – Port of La Guaria
Yigal Nathaniel Japan: Old Koban – 20 Sen Deep Blue Japan/Russia Forwarding Agent Cover via Brindisi 1888
Alan Holyoake Great Britain: 1839 Treasury Competition

The Grand Prix Club luncheon was held at the official hotel on August 12, 2014 with 11 attendants, namely :

(Seated from left) Martha Villarroel de Peredo, Everaldo Nigro dos Santos, David Feldman, Tay Peng Hian and Nine.

(Standing from left) Yigal Nathaniel, Michael Ho, Mrs. and Dr. Inoue Kazuyaki, Prakit Foongvanich and Prakob Chirakiti.


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